Norbert Gobor is a Hungarian composer, with several credits on MTV, MTV2, VH1, Travel Channel and CNBC. His work includes credits for the MTV series ‘Fear Factor’, the Travel Channel series ‘Ghost Bait’ and for CNBC’s American Greed: Deadly Rich TV series. Norbert has composed music for over 10 short films in his career and scored his first short film at the age of 18, in 2012. Norbert is working as a composer and sound engineer at his own company called ‘Northern Compass Studios’ since 2016.

In 2014-2015 he produced, composed and played keyboard for his band ‘Symphonic Destiny’ and in 2015 he released his first EP. As versatile as he is, the young composer currently works on many projects, including the composing of film music under his own name, composing and distributing of royalty free music through Northern Compass Production, composing/producing for the symphonic metal band called ‘Symphonic Dreams’ and composing for the indie-pop/synthpop influenced project Dream Map.

His love for music started at an early age. Norbert started playing the piano at the age of 8 and continued to study music theory and piano in Elementary school, which awakened his love for composing. He started sound engineering and composing at the age of 14 as a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, synth, guitars, bass and drums. Following his elementary education, he studied music theory in Lányi Ernő Music High School, after that studied sound engineering through an online course at SAE Oxford (2014) and music production at Coursera – Berklee College of Music Online Courses (2014-2015).

The composer/musician has been involved with many projects over the years. He has worked on film music since 2012 and on other music projects since 2014. For one of his current projects, Dream Map, he released two singles in 2018. His latest music feature was on an episode of Travel Channel’s TV series Ghost Bait. Norbert Gobor has just begun his successful career and there is a lot more to be expected from him in the upcoming years.


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– 2019 –

Aerial America – Dallas-Fort Worth (TV Series) – /Additional Music/

Mission Declassified – Season 01 (TV Series) – /Additional Music/

Ghost Bait – Season 01 (TV Series) – /Additional Music/

– 2018 –

American Greed: Deadly Rich – Season 01 (TV Series) – /Trailer Music/

Fear Factor – Season 02 (TV Series) – /Additional Music/

– 2017 –

Fear Factor – Season 01 (TV Series) – /Additional Music/

– 2016 –

Lux In Tenebris (Feature Film) – /Additional Music/

– 2014 –

Prime Contact (Short Film) – /Additional Music/

– 2013 –

Little Problems (Short Film) – /Composer/

The Choice (Short Film) – /Composer/

– 2012 –

Upstairs (Short Film) – /Composer/

Invasion (Short Film) – /Composer/

The Wanderer (Short Film) – /Composer/

Your Protector (Short Film) – /Composer/

The Favor 2 (Short Film) – /Composer/

A Brief Saber Duel III (Short Film) – /Composer/

The Woods (Short Film) – /Composer/


– 2016-

Norbert Gobor – Evolution EP /Composer, Sound Engineer/

– 2015-

Symphonic Destiny – The Fountain of Eternal Life /Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer, Lyricist/


– 2018-

Dream Map – Time /Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer/

Dream Map – Infinity /Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer/

– 2014-

Symphonic Destiny – Midnight EP /Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer, Lyricist/


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